20 Fact-Based Movies That Got The Facts Wrong

Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich was the story of a real legal clerk who helped take down a huge corporate company after it was discovered they tainted a public water supply and polluted a whole town with cancer and illness. While the firm Brockovich worked for won their case, they took millions out of the settlement, which wasn’t paid to the afflicted citizens until six months later.

Cool Runnings

The Winter Olympics bobsled athletes seen competing for Jamaica in the four-man bobsled event in Cool Runnings weren’t recruited as a random group of hopeful Olympic track stars. George Fitch, whose facsimile is portrayed by John Candy, wasn’t a drunken washout either – he got the idea and gathered the famous team, a group of Army men, after watching them compete in a pushcart derby.


The Oscar nominated film Invictus tells the story of the South African rugby team and their racism-impeded road to winning the 1995 Rugby World Cup. While the movie shows the team as a harmonious group of athlete struggling against racist perceptions, the real-life team had a great deal of racism within it. Complaints were made on a number of occasions that ranged from derogative slurs to refusals to share showers.

Good Morning, Vietnam

While Adrian Cronauer was a real life disk jockey in Vietnam, he wasn’t anything like the way Williams depicted him – the role was actually almost all Williams. Cronauer actually said that all of the riffing, comedic barbs, and anti-war sentiments would have absolutely gotten him court-martialed.