20 Exquisite Gardens From Around The World That Will Take Your Breath Away

Humble Administrators Garden (China)

The site dates back 1,000 years to the Southern Song Dynasty. With rocks, ancient trees and flowers, some say this is the finest garden in Southern China. The harmonious design is connected with pavilions, bridges, pools and islands.

Keukenhof Gardens (The Netherlands)

The world-renowned Keukenhof Gardens is famous for its spring garden, when more than 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths bloom on the 32 acres. Pictured is a flowing “stream” made from hyacinths.

The Summer Palace (China)

The Summer Palace was declared a “masterpiece of Chinese landscape design” by UNESCO. The menagerie of hills, pavilions, open water, halls, palaces, temples and bridges make for a stunning experience.

Lake Shrine Temple (Pacific Palisades, CA, USA)

At Lake Shrine Temple, home of the Self Realization Center, there are 10 acres of flowers from around the world on a pathway that surrounds a lake. Along the path are magical nooks for reading, a windmill chapel, and a peace memorial that contains some of Gandhi’s ashes.