20 Early Signs That You’re Turning 30

You Avoid Checking Your Credit Score

You’ve lived such a reckless early life that you dread even checking what your credit score looks like. The fact that you might have to apply for a mortgage soon is weighing heavily on your mind and when the day comes around, you know that your credit rating will let you down.

You Idolize Stars In Their 30s

Celebrities under the age of 30 do nothing for you any more and if you want to find a good role model, you look for the stars who are already married and settled down. The fact that some people manage to look incredible over the age of 29 makes you feel much better about your approaching milestone.

You Have A Problem Digesting Food

Eating nothing but junk food all day used to do nothing to your figure but now, if you so much as look at a plate of tacos, your stomach goes all weak. You can no longer stomach rich and spicy foods and if you risk eating something exotic, you know that it will repeat on you an hour later.

You Don’t Understand Current Trends

Everything that is supposed to be fashionable seems to be targeted to a person so much younger than you, that you have trouble even understanding it. You’re only focused on your comfort when you get ready and anything that looks good is simply a bonus.