20 Divorces That Were Extremely Expensive

16. Samathur Li Kin-kan and Florence Tsang Chiu-wing – $154 Million

Hong Kong has a reputation in Asia as being particularly lucrative for divorces thanks to laws and courts that are willing to award millions in settlements. The largest ever in the region came when Florence Tsang Chiu-wing filed for divorce after her husband, Samathur Li Kin-kan, asked her to have an abortion and had allegedly had multiple affairs. In the end, Florence received $154 million.

15. Boris Berezovsky and Galina Besharova – $163 Million

The divorce of Boris Berezovsky and Galina Besharova was the costliest one in the history of the United Kingdom. The Russian oligarch had been living in the UK for several years after fleeing Russia following a crackdown by Vladimir Putin. The $163 million that Galina was paid was roughly 20% of the total fortune owned by Boris.

14. Michael and Juanita Jordan – $168 Million

Sports stars can become some of the richest people in society thanks to handsomely paid contracts and large sponsorship deals. As one of the most famous athletes of the 1990’s, Michael Jordan was able to accumulate plenty of wealth during his career. In 2008, him and his wife Juanita finally divorced after a tumultuous 16 year relationship that had almost ended in them splitting up several times. Juanita won custody of the children in addition to the $168 million settlement.

13. Michael and Maya Polsky – $184 Million

After moving from the Ukraine in 1976 with just $500 with his wife Maya, Michael Polsky was able to build up a personal fortune of $368 million following successful ventures in several energy firms. After selling each of the various businesses for hundreds of millions of dollars, the Ukrainian was sufficiently wealthy that a divorce in 2003 cost him half of his estate, with Maya settling the separation for $184 million.