20 Disney Princesses Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before


The characters in Hercules were a departure from the “traditional” Disney style of animation. Take Megara, for example. She has thick hair, a very slender waist, lengthy eyebrows, and a more angular stature than other Disney princesses.


Jirka’s rendition of Rapunzel from Tangled looks quite a bit like Amanda Seyfried’s character from Mean Girls.


Mulan was the first Disney film set in China, and was based on a Chinese poem that describes a woman-warrior named Hua Mulan, who took her father’s place in battle and proved to be as valiant and capable a warrior as any man.


The real-life tale of Pocahontas is quite a bit more complex than the story portrayed in the Disney movie. For starters, she probably didn’t look like she was ready to hit the runway in a Paris fashion show.