20 Deadliest Floods In World History

1219 St. Marcellus Flood

Over 36,000 people died in one of the oldest known flooding disasters in history. It occurred along the coasts of West Friesland and Groningen, which are now present-day Netherlands.

1949 Eastern Guatemala Flood

A Pacific hurricane created flooding problems that lasted for over two weeks in September and October of 1949. The disaster killed approximately 40,000 people in Guatemala, and like the rest of these disasters, left many people homeless.

1212 North Sea Flood

The oldest and most deadliest flooding disaster on record again takes place in the Netherlands back in 1212. Around 60,000 people are estimated to have perished in North Holland.

1287 St. Lucia’s Flood

The Netherlands were affected again just 75 years after the North Sea flood of 1212. Along with Northern Germany, there were as many as 80,000 people that likely died. On Griend Island, just 10 houses remained in tact as the land was nearly swept away. This disaster sometimes gets compared to the North Sea flood of 1953 that killed a couple thousand.