20 Crazy Indian Rituals You Won’t Believe

Tongue Piercing

Participants use long, sharp needles made from wood or steel to puncture the tongue, making it permanently stick out of your mouth since it’s no longer retractable. The piercing ceremony is typically followed by dancing.

The Bani Festival in Andhra Pradesh

This is India’s version of the Hunger Games. Herein many lathi-wielding devotees hit each other on the head until midnight.

Worshipping Snakes on Nag Panchami

India celebrates Nag Panchami by worshiping cobras, praying to them and even offering them milk.

Puli Kali, Kerala

This colorful festival is celebrated on fifth day of Onam by trained dancers painted in bright shades of yellow, red and black taking their art to the streets of the Thrissur district in Kerala.