20 Bizarre Services That People Actually Pay For

Virtual Dating Assistants

Managing online dating sites and portfolios can be a time consuming activity for those looking for love. Virtual Dating Assistants looks to make the process as hassle free as possible. Following an extensive 20-minute interview with the client to find out their interests and likes, they will set up a profile on the most suitable websites, search for potential matches and even set up dates and help break the ice by sending email exchanges.

Hotel Goldfish Hire

Those who travel around a lot for their work will often find that they end up being stuck in hotel rooms with no other company. It can be a lonely existence and the Happy Guest Hotel Lodge in Cheshire is aware of this and has launched a new service to help give their guests some company during their stay. For just £5, anyone at the hotel can rent a goldfish named Happy throughout their time at the location.

Prank Candles

A company, known as WTF Prank Candles, will provide customers with an ingenious way to prank their friends and families. They offer custom candles that come in a variety of enjoyable scents when lit but that after around 10 hours of use suddenly release a disgusting stench in much the same way as a stink bomb. The service costs $11.95 and the candles come in plain packaging so that they appear to be normal.

Superfan Suits

While there are plenty of ways for fans to show their support for their favorite sports teams, none of them show dedication quite like a fully body spandex suit. To allow fans all around the world to fully show their devotion, Superfan Suits creates custom these custom suits. Customers can choose color schemes to match their teams or even choose from specially made prints that include themes ranging from Christmas to Halloween.