20 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories And Their Origins

Michael Jackson And Elvis Are Both Still Alive…And They Live Together

Obviously everyone has heard the theories, and reported “sightings”, that Elvis Presley faked his own death and still lives in a bunker underneath his Graceland home.

However, some people take it even further and believe that Michael Jackson is also there with him. These theorists believe that Jackson faked his death as well, and that the King of Rock, and the Prince of Pop, faked their deaths to escape their insane celebrity lives and to help boost record sales.

Aliens Are Among Us

In 1954 the US President Eisenhower apparently held meetings with two sets of opponent aliens who asked him to obliterate America’s nuclear weapons. He refused to do this, and one set of aliens asked him to sign a treaty allowing the aliens to live on Earth, in exchange for sharing their advanced technology. He apparently agreed, even with their one condition – that the aliens would be allowed to sometimes kidnap humans to examine us, as long as we were left unharmed and our memories wiped.

Robin Williams Was An Illuminati Sacrifice

Once Robin Williams passed away, conspiracy theorists immediately exposed a complex plot that claimed Williams was assassinated by the Illuminati. Their only evidence was a Family Guy episode.

Minutes before Williams’ death was announced, BBC aired an old episode of Family Guy where Peter Griffin can turn anything he touches into Robin Williams. Peter tries to shoot himself, but the gun turns into Williams. The theorists point to this scene an implied message that the BBC’s head of programming must have known about Williams’ death.

While the timing of the broadcast is odd, it becomes less so when you realize that Family Guy features a half dozen celebrity appearances every episode.

JFK’s Brain Is Gone

A book that came out titled: “End of Days: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy” alleges that JFK’s brain went missing after his autopsy. Conspiracy theorists say that it was purposefully hidden to cover up the truth, that JFK was shot from the front, rather than from behind.