20 Bizarre And Baffling Unsolved Mysteries

The Hairy Hands

Since 1910, a stretch of road in the U.K. has provided a string of fatal vehicular accidents. From cars and motorcycles to carriages and bicycles, the victims report that disembodied “hairy hands” took hold of their vehicles to throw them off the road. Others have reported that the hands were invisible.

Flight MH370

On March 8th, 2014, Malaysia airlines flight MH370 lost contact an hour after its takeoff. No distress signal was ever sent, and the transponder signal was lost. What’s stranger is that a captain of another flight succeeded in making contact with flight MH370, but only heard a mixture of static and mumbling. Furthermore, two Iranian passengers had used stolen passports to get on the flight, and another four passengers had checked in but never showed up.