20 Before-And-After Movie Effect Shots That Will Blow You Away

Tron: Legacy

This one is really a no-brainer – a movie about a man who delves inside a computer world needs the CGI touch. The sequel to the 80’s cult favorite has an astounding amount of incredible CGI

The Dark Knight

The terrifying and horribly disfigured face of Aaron Eckhart’s Harvey Dent-turned-Two Face isn’t something that just happened, but rather something that was carefully crafted. Elkhart wore tracking dots on half of his face and the rest was added later.


In the Neill Blomkamp envisioned dystopian future, the grotesque slums of Earth are policed by robot killers. While robots exist in the real world, the director opted to use actors in motion capture outfits to make the robots’ movement as lifelike as possible.

The Avengers

Although it may look like a walk in the park, blowing up New York City isn’t something you’re actually allowed to do. But if you’ve got convincing actors and one gigantic green screen, then you should have no problem wreaking havoc on the Big Apple.