20 Awesome And Intricate Sandcastles You Have To See

Cheshire Cat

That old Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland is up to his old tricks again. Hopefully he won’t vanish too soon like in the story.

Jabba The Hut

Looks like Jabba the Hut from Star Wars got a taste of his own medicine: where Han Solo was once encased and frozen in metal, Jabba the Hut is now stuck in a sandcastle.

Sleep Time

This couple went to bed and suddenly woke up as a sand sculpture. The book the man is reading must not be too good. At least they look comfy, and it must be nice to be able to sleep on the beach.

Follow the Yellow-Brick Road

Here, Dorothy and the gang from The Wizard of Oz are pausing to take a rest. The only problem is they stopped a little too long and became encased in sand. And they were so close to the castle, too!