20 Animals Who Are Soldier’s Best Friends

Dog Says Goodbye

You can clearly see the absolute heartbreak in this dog’s eyes. The things they most likely went through together, the good and the bad, this death was one that the dog could not save his soldier from.

Marine Carries Dog

This marine gives his dog a lift back from an extremely tiring two-hour search mission. “We’re in this together” applies to the dogs as well.

Feeding The Hungry

This is a beautiful photo, because to see a group of not only completely grown men, but highly trained Marines fawning over a stray puppy, is absolutely adorable. In this picture, we see the Marines sharing their breakfast with a stray dog.

Dog Rescue In Afghanistan

This soldier and his friend rescued this dog in Afghanistan and clearly they hit it off as well. A lot of dog rescues in foreign countries result in life long friendships.