20 Animals That Look Just Like Celebrities

Adrian Brody and a Toucan

It appears Oscar winner Adrian Brody is even wearing the same coat as the bird. Brody won his Oscar in 2002 for his role in Roman Polanski’s The Pianist, and he became the first actor under 30 to win that award.

Vladimir Putin and a Baboon

This baboon seems to have a lot in common with the President of Russia. Putin, a former officer in the KGB, is one of the most controversial figures in today’s world, but there’s no doubt about him looking like this baboon.

Eric Stonestreet and a Chow Chow

The Modern Family actor, 43, and this fluffy and adorable dog appear to have a lot in common. Chow Chows are known for being independent and aloof, but they sure look sweet!

Taylor Lautner and an Alpaca

Taylor Lautner, 23, has transformed into a wolf for his role in The Twilight Saga, so maybe he’s just trying out a new alpaca look.