19 Things You Didn’t Know Were Making You Dumber

Junk Food

Foods that contain high saturated fat levels have been found to actually affect our cognitive abilities especially when it comes to memory. Even scarier than that is these foods have been linked to earlier onset of dementia.

Fox News

Not one, but two different recent studies have shown that people who watch Fox News as their primary source of information are less informed … about almost everything.

Big Cities

We’ve heard about the stereotype surrounding the country yokel who is quite a bit dumber than his city cousin. The fact of the matter is, big cities have been found to make people dumber. Scientists aren’t quite sure what’s causing it but there is data showing that an urban environment hurts even the most basic mental processes. After just a few minutes of being on a city street, it has problems holding things in memory.

Chewing Gum

Perhaps this is why the world seems like it’s getting dumber. Chewing gum has long been a popular treat and tool to freshen breath. It turns out that chewing gum actually harms short term memories. A study out of the UK says the gum will wipe out short term memories and make it harder to identify common items. While it’s not entirely known why, the preservatives and sugar substitutes could play a part.