19 Photographs That Prove That Timing Is Everything

Taking A Break

This picture is truly hilarious! Its hard to figure out if the elephant is trying to hurt the people in the car, or if it is simply feeling lazy and taking a break. Either way, being that close to an elephant is definitely uncomfortable. The mammal clearly has boundary issues! Then again, the people seem to be on the elephant’s turf so we don’t know who is disturbing whom!

Is This Sparta?

This image looks like the birds decided to get together and recreate the epic scene from ‘300’ when Leonidas kicks the Persian messenger into the pits. This picture is truly spectacular and deserves an award of some sort for its timing.

Heads Up

Its dangerous to stay on the side lines of a basketball game and this picture proves that point. The ripples on his face due to the impact of the ball tells us exactly how painful that hit must have been.

Panda Prison Break

These Pandas clearly know what they are up to and they would have nearly gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for the pesky photographer who caught them in the act. Have to give them an A for effort and teamwork though. Nothing like human beings to make a group of animals work together.