19 Of The Strangest Things That Are Against The Law Around The World

Malaysia – Yellow Clothing

In 2011, Malaysian government decided to ban any yellow clothing, including shirts, pants, bracelets, shoelaces, and hats. The reason for this new law was that yellow was the main color for the opposition political party in Malaysia. Talk about tyrannical.

Saudi Arabia – Valentine’s Day

Not everyone particularly enjoys Valentine’s Day (especially single people), but as a holiday that generates a significant income towards a nation’s economy, one would assume that a country would want to keep that holiday alive. However, Saudi Arabian government officials banned Valentine’s Day because it is based off of a Roman Catholic saint, and is not an Islamic holiday. Stores are not permitted to sell anything red, or anything considered a “symbol of love.”

Russia – “Emo” Clothing

In 2008, the Russian government made a proposition to ban teenage subculture rock music styles such as emo and goth from the country’s schools. Although the proposition was protested, the government dubbed the style a “threat to national stability” and banned it as an attempt to reduce the teen suicide rate.

The Philippines – Claire Danes

In a 1998 interview with Premiere, Claire Danes made certain remarks about the city of Manila. More specifically, she said that the city smelled like cockroaches, and that the people that lived there didn’t have arms, legs, or eyes. The President of the Philippines at the time, Joseph Estrada, said that the remarks were uncalled for and that she was no longer welcome in the Philippines. They took it even further by banning any movies that she acted in from being sold or purchased within the Philippines.