19 Hilarious And Embarrassing Photoshop Fails

Eight-Minute Abs

“Hey bro, what’s your secret?” This is another guy who chose to skip the hassle of going to the gym and went straight to Photoshop. But here’s a point of advice: don’t make your abs seem larger than your chest muscles. And don’t portray such a glum, depressed expression that exudes guilt.

Biceps That Bend Reality

Another macho-man fail. This photo is similar to the girl who was bending gravity and light with her enhanced breasts. This guy has developed such profound biceps that as he flexes, reality is bending around them. Relax, dude, before you tear a hole in space-time with your awesome display of power.

Bootylicious Fail

Candice’s jealousy of J-Lo finally got to her. At first maybe she considered getting implants, but then had a light-bulb moment and decided to use Photoshop instead. But she only Photoshopped some Elephantiasis into her booty. Not very appealing. At least she edited herself in the mirrors reflection as well…

Figure Of A Goddess

Despite the obvious discrepancy between her larger upper body and skinny waist, you’ll notice the wall bending around her hips. Or maybe she’s become so hungry that her empty stomach is causing a gravitational pull.