19 Grain-Free Ways To Enjoy Mexican Food

Cauliflower Tortillas

We all need to increase our veggie intake, right? Well pick up some cauliflower and get baking! Cauliflower is high in fiber and a great compliment to any Mexican dish.

Eggplant Tortillas

Eggplant quesadillas anyone? Eggplant is yet another veggie that you can use while cooking a grain free Mexican meal. Due to its size and texture, you could go for quesadillas or maybe even enchilladas.

Flax Tortillas

If you’re on a grain free diet, odds are you have heard about flax. It’s packed with fiber and protein. Additionally, it’s used in baking quite often because of its texture. Get to stuffing these wonderful grain-free flax tortillas and you’ll be stuffed yourelf at the end of the night

Coconut Tortillas

Tortillas aren’t just for savory dishes. The next time you’re having a Mexican fiesta, don’t forget to about dessert time! Since coconut is sweet, try making coconut tortillas when making Mexican desserts. Oh the possibilities!!