18 Reasons Why Australia Is The Most Awesome Country In The World

The Iconic Australian Cloned Gum Tree

When the Australian Labor Party decided to meet for the first time in Barcaldine, Queensland in 1891 they did so in a response to a sheep shearers’ strike, right beneath a gum tree. Although this iconic tree, who later was named the “Tree of Knowledge,” was vandalized in 2006, its cloned brother, who was also turned into a monument, stands still to this day.

American Pie? What About Australian Pie?

We all know the US loves its pies. However, there isn’t a more pie-loving country than Australia. According to the latest research, people in Australia eat more than 260 million pies every year. Furthermore, in the country there is one of the most diverse range of pies and pie recipes ever to be found.

Friendly Adorable Spiders

Okay. Most people consider spiders in Australia to be the biggest no-nos. However, the truth is that while there is truly a wide range of spiders, who are considered deadly, only about 10 percent of people bitten by spiders have an adverse reaction to the venom and no person has died in the country from a spider-related bite since 1979 due to the availability of anti-venom for native species.

Look at All The Awesome Sports

If football tires you and basketball is nothing more than a boring sport of toss-the-ball-around for you, Australia has you covered. From Camel racing to boomerang throwing, the weird country has a pretty good range of hilarious sports for which people are serious about. Just some of them are cane toads racing, milk carton regatta and cockroach racing. Oh, Australia also holds the nude olympics following the tradition of the ancient games.