15 Things You Should Never Regret In Life

Fighting With Someone You Love

When you love someone, you know what makes them tick – and they’ll usually know the same about you. So when you get into a fight, tempers flare and you both know what buttons to push.

Arguments happen. Yelling happens. We hurt the ones closest to us the most. Never regret fighting with the people you love – if you don’t fight, you probably weren’t all that close in the first place. Think of a fight as a love pressure-valve. Sometimes you need to let off some steam.

Spending More Than You Should

You probably don’t need the newest smartphone, or to book that trip to Europe. But it would sure as hell be nice.

What will you remember more? That one time you backpacked from Berlin to Budapest, or that time you transferred your money into your savings account?

There’s no point in regretting spending too much money on an experience or an item. If it was truly a mistake, you’ll learn quickly not to make it again.