15 Things You Should Never Regret In Life

Picking The Wrong Major In College

This isn’t the big deal you think it is. Your major rarely defines who you are. This is a guesstimate, but if you ask around, you’ll find that most of your peers and seniors aren’t working in the field they majored in.

Calling it the ‘wrong’ major is inaccurate. There’s really no such thing. No one cares what your major was. Enjoy the good juicy tidbits it’s added to your cocktail party conversation repertoire and regret nothing.

Making The Wrong Choice About College

Our parent’s generation tend to think that you have to have a college degree to make anything of yourself. Newsflash: they’re completely wrong. Einstein was a drop-out. He did alright. Whether you spend four years slogging through classes with a hangover or not, be proud of your decisions.

If you didn’t go, never fall into the trap of thinking it was a bad choice. Some of the richest entrepreneurs today either quit or didn’t go in the first place. You can always go back later if you really want to.