15 Signs That It’s Time To End Your Relationship

You’re Bored When You’re Together

There’s never anything to do. You don’t want to go out on dates anymore. You have nothing to talk to one another about. Maybe you just don’t even have anything in common anymore. People change, and your changes have made you bored with each other.

You No Longer Make Plans For The Future

A loving relationship that has a future is filled with talk of that future. If you no longer discuss marriage, home ownership, and children with one another that means you no longer see a future with one another. Don’t waste each other’s time.

You No Longer Talk Or Think As A Couple

Once upon a time you talk about what “we” would do. You had plans for a future for “us”. But now it’s all me, I, and/or you. You are already thinking and speaking as a singular entity rather than as a couple. It’s already over, you just haven’t walked away yet.