15 Signs That It’s Time To End Your Relationship

You’ve Grown More Distant

One of you has stopped checking in when you are apart. You no longer send, or maybe receive, text messages with sweet, short love notes. It almost feels like you are worlds apart now, when once you were two beings in the same soul.

The Sex Just Isn’t There Anymore

If your relationship is sex free, or it’s like pulling teeth just to get some loving, that’s a sure sign things are over. It’s also a sure sign that one of you may be getting some from somewhere else. While sex shouldn’t be what a relationship is based on, sharing that intimacy helps keep it going strong.

You Have No Respect For Each Other

You need to respect someone in order to have a relationship with them. There are many reasons people lose respect for their significant other, whether it’s because they change or because they do something unforgivable. If you don’t respect each other at least respect yourself enough to walk away.