15 Of The Top Rags-To-Riches Stories In The World

Richard Desmond: Net Worth of $1.7 Billion

Richard Desmond spent his childhood living in an apartment above a garage with his mother. Desmond quit school to pursue a life in music but soon gave that up as well. Showing entrepreneurship to be envied, he eventually started his own magazine and that led to more magazines. Eventually he became the publisher for the British version of Penthouse and OK! His media empire has grown even more since then and now owns several publications around the globe.

Guy Laliberté: Net Worth of $1.9 Billion

Guy Laliberté started his performing career as a busker on the streets of Quebec. Eventually he took a small troupe to the United States, with no money for return fare if they failed. They didn’t fail, eventually landed a gig in Las Vegas and Cirque De Soleil was born. Now his troupe travels the world and is one of the most popular acts of its kind.

Howard Schultz: Net Worth of $2.5 Billion

Howard Schultz and the company he now runs both had very simple starts. Now the CEO of Starbucks, the executive started out as the son of a truck driver in New York who stumbled across the coffee chain when it was still unknown. After rising through the ranks of the firm, he’s spearheaded its’ growth from 60 shops to more than 16,000.