15 Of The Most Shocking Ways People Have Died Throughout History

Getting Hit By Tennis Balls

Dick Wertheim was a tennis linesman in the 1983 US Open when he was hit in the groin by a rogue tennis ball. While this would not normally be fatal, Wertheim fell backwards to the ground after being hit, and struck his head on the pavement. He died from his injuries five days later.

Drowning In A Flood Of Beer

When vats containing hundreds of thousands of gallons of beer ruptured and flooded the streets of London in 1814, the results were deadly. Eight people were confirmed to have died from the incident, some by crush injuries, and several by being trapped and then drowning in the flood of beer.

Being Hit By A Celebratory Cannonball

John Kendrick was an American sea captain who was in Hawaii assisting two other battling ships in 1794. The day after the battle, a ship fired a canon to salute Kendrick, and it ended up hitting his boat, killing him and his crew.