15 Of The Most Dangerous Motor Races From Around The World

Raniforest Challenge

The ‘Rainforest Challenge’ takes drivers through a 4-day course that is sprawled across Malaysia. The track goes through some of the most remote areas of the rainforests in the area, making it more of an endurance test than an actual race. Pulling yourself out of deep trenches and wondering if you can successfully navigate your way through water bodies are the biggest worries while participating in this race.

Pikes Peak

The ‘Pikes Peak’ race conducted each year at the summit of Pikes Peak, U.S, is considered to a gruelling uphill race that has claimed the lives of many races who have attempted to undertake it. The race was very dangerous when the roads of the hill were unpaved a few decades ago. For some reason, the race became even more dangerous after the roads were evened out and paved, owing to the crazy speeds racers maintained while attempting turns.

Indianapolis Speedway

Although this is a straightforward race track with minimal turns and a long history of racing, it has seen nearly 60 deaths over the past hundred years. This is because the track includes portions that are ideal for picking up high-speeds, sometimes topping the 230 mph mark, thereby leading to disastrous results when things go out of hand.