15 of the Mind-Blowingly Best Book Sculptures

The Lands Within

The ability to take simple paper and turn it into something more is always a wonderful sight to behold, but when you create an entire landscape in an old book, then you’re really at a masterful level when it comes to sculpting a book. These two pieces exemplify the amount of skill, patience, and time it takes to obtain the perfect landscape. The first is a little more simple, offering a look at the top of a mountain, complete with stepping stones and a small tree embedded into the rock. However, the second piece is where most of the wonder comes in, as the artist managed to recreate Petra, Jordan, or so it appears, within the interior of a group of books combined into one. The exterior of the tomes provide a mountainous landscape to holster the interior, where the temple rests comfortably embedded into the paper rock.

Paper Darkness

There is always something eerie about a skull, particularly one that appears to be grinning to those who look upon it, though that tends to be most of them thanks to the row of teeth adorning the front of the face. However, creating an entire skull from the interior pages of a novel is something that not even the creepiest of visages can prevent someone from feeling the wonder and awe. The pages of a book tend to be leaf-like, splitting apart as if they weren’t connected in any way, not even by a binding at the back of the book. So, this artist had to do some hard work to ensure everything stuck together enough to carve out the head, interior of the eye sockets, the caverns in the nose, and the chiseled teeth at the bottom of the face. We commend his expertise, but don’t want this one on our shelves at night.