15 Inventions You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

Can Handles

There are two things that happen when we drink from a can, 1) our hands become cold, especially if the can has been in the fridge; and 2) eventually our body heat combats the chill, our hands become warmer, but inevitably that warmth transpires onto the can and heats up the drink inside. Boo lukewarm Pepsi!

We could always just leave the cans out of the fridge and be done with it, but who in their right mind wants a room temperature drink? No one, that’s who. Or maybe we could just pour it into a glass or a cup (a dripless cup?) What are you, an animal! The above inventions are the ideal solution so we can drink directly from the can without that irritating frost-bitten feeling in our hands. Do they look silly? A little bit, but it’s such a simple solution we’re surprised we didn’t come up with it ourselves.

Cable Clamp

This is such a 21st Century invention. With all of our modern technology and fancy gadgets, our lives have become engulfed with a new epoch of information and flashing buttons. But with it comes a downfall: cables. Oh so many cables, draping this way and that without a care in the world. No matter how many attempts we make at keeping the area behind our TV sets or computers neat and tidy, cables just do whatever they feel like. The modern office has become an anarchist playground for computer cables and it’s about damn time someone did something about it. Which they did.

You will probably have come across variations of this item, but it’s ultimately a god-send. Why have phone chargers lying across the floor like some lazy snake-like creature when they could be there ready at your disposal? And no longer will we have to trace our wires to their intended plug socket because they’ve become tangled together. We want our wires standing to attention like disciplined soldiers.