15 Funny Images You’ll Never Be Able To See The Same Way Again

Chicago Bulls

The iconic logo of the Chicago Bulls has become one of the most recognizable in sport thanks to the exploits of Michael Jordon. However, some people noticed that when turned upside down and with the color changed slightly, it no longer looks like a menacing bull. Instead it looks more like a robot with big eyes reading an opened book.

LG Logo

The LG logo is supposed to be a clever way of incorporating the two letters that give the company its name and be a subtle image of a person smiling widely. Join up the edges and twist it round, though, and you can see that the logo looks very like Pac-Man. If any of your LG products are afraid of ghosts, this might explain why.

Tom Cruise

A series of dental procedures has apparently left Tom Cruise with a very peculiar property that you might never have noticed before, one of his tooth appears to be in the dead center of his face. If you think this is just some silly photoshop, an image search on your favorite search engine will give up plenty of other evidence to support the claim.