15 Coolest Super Powers Everyone Wishes They Had


For thousands of years medical doctors have been working tirelessly to ensure the human race is healthy and continuing to live on as best they possibly can. Unfortunately, there are some injuries that are just too severe for the normal person to return from. Superhuman healing is something that everyone could use at times. Have a broken bone? Give it an hour, then you can walk just fine. A large cut? Give it ten minutes. The wound will close on its own.

Underwater Breathing

The ocean has always remained one of the biggest mysteries to the human world, as there are plenty of places deep within its depths that we’ve never been able to fully explore. That could become less of an issue if there were some individuals out there with the ability to breath under water. Holding your breath for an unlimited amount of time sounds like a terrifying experience, but for those who prefer the water to land, it could be a dream come true.