15 Celebrities That Can Pull Off The “Duck Face” Look

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has broken the internet with photographs of her amazing body. Setting new trends and definitions of what “sexy” is with women, Kim is one celebrity that can truly pull of the “duck face” look.

Marilyn Monroe

When thinking about celebrities that can pull off the “duck face” look, you probably set your mind on only thinking of ones that are currently in the public eye; after all the “duck face” is a relatively new trend. However, the sex symbol of the past, Marilyn Monroe, has managed to show that the “duck face” is universal in time and space and that she can pull it off with style.


Rihanna is not widely known for making the “duck face” look, but when she does it – it’s hypnotizing. While quite subtle, the “duck face” Rihanna does just goes to show that the lips can speak true seduction, without saying a word.