15 Amazing Stories Of Human Survival

Chris Stewart

When Chris Stewart was 12 years old, he suffered “internal decapitation” when he crashed his go-kart straight into a wall. His skull was completely detached from the top of his spine. Doctors gave him a 10 percent chance of surviving, but after undergoing surgery he proceeded to have a full recovery.

Mark Inglis and Phil Doole

In 1982, these two men were climbing New Zealand’s Aoraki mountain when a blizzard forced them to seek shelter in a cave. However, the blizzard was relentless, trapping the two men for 14 days. Having no real warmth protection, both men’s legs developed frostbite, and they were forced to amputate their legs themselves.

Anatoli Bugorski

In 1978, Bugorski was a researcher working with a particle accelerator, the Synchrotron U-70. The machine malfunctioned, and he was forced to inspect a piece of equipment. Safety mechanisms failed, and he was shot through his head with the accelerator’s beam. He claims he saw a blinding flash of light, but felt no pain. However, the skin of his face peeled away for some time and swelled. He can no longer hear out of his left ear, and has occasional seizures.