14 Gruesome Sports Injuries That Shocked Spectators

Kevin Ware’s Protruding Shin

Speaking of leg fractures, college basketball’s Kevin Ware suffered a compound fracture in his right leg while playing for Louisville against Duke University. The protruding fracture noticeably disturbed players and coaches on both teams, but Ware repeatedly told Louisville players to “just win the game!” He was taken to a hospital and underwent emergency surgery while his team honored his request and beat Duke 85–63.

This Bullfighter Getting Gored In The Gonads

Spain: home of delicious food, mid-day naps, and the killing of animals for sport. But however you feel about the controversial practice of bullfighting, we can all agree that getting gored by one in the tender areas can’t feel nice. The pictured fighter is Jose Tomas, who miraculously survived the encounter.

Clint Malarchuk’s Slit Throat

Clint Malarchuk of the Buffalo Sabres would have died were it not for the quick thinking of trainer Jim Pizzutelli. After taking an ice skate blade to the throat, Malarchuk’s neck began spewing blood onto the ice, horrifying spectators and television audiences. Pizzutelli, a Vietnam veteran and former U.S. Army medic, shoved his fingers into the wound, clinching shut the open artery. Malarchuk stood on his own two feet and left the arena with Pizzutelli’s support, apparently believing he was doomed to die. “My only concern,” Malarchuk said, “was getting off the ice so that my mother, who was watching the game back home on TV, wouldn’t have to see me bleed to death.