14 Gifts for the Food Lover in Your Life

Pizza Pie Scissors

Pizza is one of the best foods in the world, said almost everyone in the entire world. Generally, someone eating a pizza will have had theirs pre-cut, as they purchased it through one of the local shops. However, that would be a shame, as cooking homemade pizza is incredibly fun, fulfilling, and offers the chance at putting your own custom toppings on. Unfortunately, it means you have to cut the pizza by hand, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing with these new pizza scissor cutters. If you’ve ever felt the need to cut a pizza down the center using a giant pair of scissors, this gift has you covered and then some.

Shark’s Head Sushi

Sharks are pretty cool, right? Yes, until you get up close and personal with them in the water, and then they’re just plain terrifying. However, stick your dominance in their face with this latest dinnerware, which offers consumers the chance to eat sushi directly out of a shark’s mouth. The interior of the mouth is shaped like a small cup, allowing you to insert your desired sauce, such as soy sauce, with an open mouth to dip your chosen sushi in. Not only will your friend’s envy you, but the fish world will probably actively hunt you when you step into the water. The choice is yours, sushi king.