14 English Words To Avoid When You’re Not In America

When to Pass on Money

Payday is a joyous occasion! Time to buy some new shoes or head out for a nice dinner. Extra money can never hurt, right? Well, it depends on what country you’re in.

If you’re in Brazil or Portugal, it’s not the time to celebrate payday! Peidei (pronounced Payday in Portuguese) means fart.

Definitely a payday you don’t want to treat your friends with!

Kisses To Pass On

Sweet kisses… What could be so harmful about wanting to share those? In most places they’d be welcome. But there is a country where you don’t ever want to share a kiss. With anyone.

When in Sweden, avoid asking anyone for a kiss, since kiss means pee in Swedish.

However, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask them for a pussa since that, in fact, means ‘kiss’!

What’s Up With The Peaches?

Well we’ve already established that being pretty as a peach is not a compliment in Turkey, but it’s also not something you want to talk about eating in the Czech Republic either. In fact, if you meet a stranger there who wants to talk about your peach, run, fast!

Peacha (pronounced ‘peach’ in Czech) means pu*sy.