14 English Words To Avoid When You’re Not In America

Not So Fast

Speed is a good thing if we’re running a race. Maybe not so much if we’re getting pulled over for a ticket.

But, in Sweden it would be a pity to get praise for your speed, or given a ticket because your speed posed a treat, since the word for speed is fart, in Swedish.

Leave This Part Of The Plot Out

When you’re reading a great book it usually means there are great characters, great prose, and a really great plot. A tip of the hat goes to the author who can create good plot.

But, if you’re in Quebec, whether you’re a writer or not, you’d never want someone talking about your great (or not so great) plot. Plotte (which is Quebec French and pronounced ‘plot’) is a vulgar term for vagina.

So when in Montreal, leave you talk of plots at home!

You Want Him To Wear What?!

In America, when we’re talking about preservatives, we’re talking about food. There’s no mistaking it. What you’re eating either has them or it doesn’t. For the health conscious, they’re avoided at all costs, but could it be the healthier option? If you’re in France, why yes, it very well could be!

Preservatif (pronounced preservative) means condom in French.

So next time you’re in Paris, rethink asking the baker if your croissant has preservatives.