13 Shocking Disney Facts That Might Ruin Your Childhood

Really Haunted?

The Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney parks is already creepy all on its own. However, add in the fact that many people bring real human ashes to scatter across the ride’s exterior, and that creepiness reaches a whole new level.

Walt Disney Gave A Tour To Hitler’s Propagandist

Leni Riefenstahl made various films promoting the Nazis at the request of Adolf Hitler himself during the 1930’s. Later, when she was attempting to promote a film about the Olympic games, most filmmakers shunned her. However, Walt Disney personally invited her to have a tour of the Disney animation studios.

Pinocchio Premiere Scandal

The 1940 Pinocchio premiere was not just a showing of the movie up on a screen. Disney reportedly hired eleven little people to dress up as Pinocchio characters and perform at the Center Theater. However, the eleven actors apparently got drunk, took their clothes off, and made a huge scene that eventually ended in them being taken away by police.