13 Old Food Items That Need To Come Back

Creme Savers

It seemed as if everyone loved these fruity creme savers. They were the right amount of fruit and creme flavor blended together. These hard candies came in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, chocolate and caramel, raspberry, and orange. While they still can be bought from some online retailers, they haven’t been on store shelves in many years.

Heinz EZ Squirt

The most fun way to eat ketchup! Heinz EZ Squirt allowed users to transform their meals. The traditional red ketchup was tossed out in favor of pink, blue, and even green ketchup. This product was discontinued in 2006.


This has to be the strangest item on the list, but stick with us. The McD.L.T. put the power of building a burger into the hands of the consumer. The hot meat was kept separate from the cold lettuce and tomato. This kept the vegetables from getting soggy from the heat. It was a genius idea that didn’t seem to take off.