13 Male Stars That Are So Ugly They’re Actually Handsome

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus strikes us as one of those guys who got tired of people thinking he was handsome. That’s the only way we can figure out why he carries himself the way he does. Look under that greasy long hair and unshaven face and there’s a good looking guy there.

Louis Tomlinson

In the boy band world, you’ve got to be able to sing and also look good doing it. Lous Tomlinson doesn’t really hit that second one, as he’s largely considered “the ugly member” of One Direction. Still, it’s a safe bet there are girls lined up around the block willing to date him.

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill almost didn’t make this list because he’s been working so hard at making himself handsome, and he’s almost done it. There’s still something that’s holding him back from truly capturing a “hottie tag” but he might the most handsome of the dudes on this list.