12 Of The Most Haunted Places To Visit During Summer Vacation

Banff Springs Hotel Banff, Alberta Canada

If you are looking for a beautiful place to stay in Banff that has a long history of hauntings, the Banff Springs Hotel is the place to go. Beware of Room 873. A family was murdered there and their ghosts linger and startle guests. The former bellman, Sam Macauley, haunts the hotel as well. He just might be your escort to your room before he vanishes.

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is a very haunted location in Florida that you won’t want to miss. Two girls and a woman are said to haunt this landmark. The two girls died at the lighthouse, and their ghosts continue to wander the grounds. You might hear a cry for help or conversations while you are here.

Fort George, The Citadel, Nova Scotia, Canada

Fort George boasts a host of ghosts. You might find yourself encountering a man in a red cloak, a soldier, or even an old lady. A little girl ghost frequently holds hands with visitors before vanishing. If you find yourself being pushed to the ground, don’t be alarmed because it happens often.