12 Incredible Places In The World You’ll Never Get To See


The Mezhgorye facility is a huge complex of underground buildings near the Ural Mountains in Russia. U.S. officials became aware of it in the early 1990’s after military surveillance and intelligence revealed that up to 10,000 workers had been used to complete it in the 1970’s. Although no solid information exists about what exactly the facility is for, many believe it contains valuable equipment, food storage, nuclear bunkers and computer systems to operate missiles. It is guarded by a permanent battalion of soldiers.

Google Data Centers

The Google Data Centers are top secret facilities operated by Google. They primarily house the servers and equipment necessary for the company to operate its search engine and other services. They routinely allow Google to index 20 billion live pages and carry out more than 3 billion searches every day. However, due to the extreme sensitivity of the data they receive, including personal information about millions of people, the centers are guarded closely, with only a select group of employees allowed access to them.

Club 33

Although Disneyland is best known as a location primarily for young families and children, it does contain some places that are exclusively designed for adults. One of these is Club 33, an exclusive private members club that was initially set up as a VIP lounge for corporate sponsors. It has two formal dining areas, serves alcohol and can only be accessed by a select group of members. The waiting list to join is 14 years long and the cost ranges from $27,000 to $40,000.