12 Bizarre Reasons Why People Get Kicked Off Planes

Body Odor

There are certain levels of ‘human smell’ we all put up with on planes, but there are certain high levels of body odor that flight crews will draw a line at. If enough people complain, it will be considered enough of a ‘comfort issue’ to have the passenger removed from the flight at the next stop.

Pull Your Pants Up

If you’ve been on a long haul economy flight in the last few years, you’ll find it hard to believe that there is a dress code! But overly baggy jeans are something that flight crews look out for, in particular if they are hanging so low that they are showing more underwear than is deemed appropriate. Celebrities including Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day have been one of the many trend setters who have been refused flight due to their fashion choices. It’s not just jeans that are kept in check, some female passengers have been asked to leave the aircraft if their cleavage is deemed too excessive.


Being loud and obnoxious – whether alcohol plays a part or not – is one of the main reasons that passengers are refused travel or taken off at the next stop. Whether its picking a fight with another passenger or a crew member (such as Ivana Trump swearing at a bunch of kids for running up the aisle, or Naomi Campbell swearing at, well, anyone about anything), angry swearing is high on the list of travel no-nos.Some people, however, can’t help it. Many Tourettes sufferers have been asked to leave, and not just for swearing. As we know, those with Tourettes don’t pick the words that come out of their mouths, so they could say anything from ‘pineapple’ to ‘bomb’, and the latter is certainly a word that will get anyone’s attention on an aircraft!