11 Foreign Words That Sound Filthy In English

What’s At The Beach?!

Remember sex education class, when you learned anatomy? The word clitoris probably came up and was greeted with a roomful of giggles. Shortened, its slang word “clit” is extremely offensive amongst most company. Well, prepare yourself if you’re heading to Denmark. Klit (pronounced clit), simply means dune (as in sand dune) in Danish. Don’t be shocked if you’re told to drive past the klits when receiving directions to the beach in Denmark.

Not A Winter Wonderland

Snow brings to mind many things, such as: pristine surroundings, holiday skiing trips and utter peace and beauty. However, it doesn’t bring to mind gross bodily functions such as puking. Well prepare yourself if you have a trip planned to Iran. You may hear someone say they wish it would barf, since the farsi word for snow sounds like the word barf. Does that mean they have barf-flakes and build barfmen?