11 Completely Natural Ways To Relieve Pain


While most healing remedies come in the form of popular foods, there are a number of sources which can be found anywhere in the wild. A perennial plant, feverfew has been used for years as an antidote to headaches, stomach aches and toothache. As if that wasn’t enough, the plant is also believed to be a great cure for allergies, asthma, dizziness and vomiting. It really is the wonder plant we’ve all been searching for!


The bright yellow spice that is most commonly found in fragrant cooking, turmeric is a serious power player when it comes to pain relief. As well as fighting inflammation in the body, the spice is often used to treat arthritis and heartburn pain. Whilst high doses of turmeric might cause indigestion, small sprinkles here and there can really work wonders on your body.