10 Worst Game Show Contestants Of All Time

Sass Family

The Sass family looked almost certain to win the $20,000 grand prize on Family Feud after the first contestant managed to score 182 in the final round. That was just 18 shy of the total needed to get the cash, something that should be relatively easy to do for most people. That wasn’t the case for Anna though, as she scored zero on every single one of her answers and the entire family lost out because of it.


Catch 21 is all about trying to make the best blackjack possible by answering questions. Correct answers give the contestants a card from a deck of 52 and they can either keep it or give it to another player. Kimberly decided that she didn’t want the five as it would prove awkward for her to get to 21 easily with it and didn’t want to give it to one of the other players as it would have given him 11, an easy set up to 21. Coming to that conclusion she decided to hand over the five to the last remaining player who was on a score of 16, meaning he was boosted up to 21 and won the special bonus prize without doing anything.