10 Weirdest Lawsuits From Around the World

Sued For Wrong Weather Prediction

Weather reports are known to be frequently wrong and highly unreliable. One Israeli woman took it too far by suing a TV station for making a wrong weather prediction.

The TV station’s weather forecast was sunny and well, but it rained. The woman claimed she dressed lightly, only to rain and cause her to catch the flu, miss a week of work, and spend money on medications. The woman filed the lawsuit and won $1,000.

There’s Only One Batman in the World

So a mayor from a city called ‘Batman’ in Turkey decided to sue Warner Bros. because they used the city’s name without permission. He demanded royalties from the highest-grossing movie ‘The Dark Knight’. The mayor claimed that ‘there’s only one Batman in the world’, and sued on the grounds that the U.S. producers used the city without permission from them.