10 Versions Of Hell From Different Mythologies


Based on Mongolian Shamanism, any person who dies is judged by Erkil Khan, the prince of the underworld. If Erkil sentences you to eternity in Kasyrgan, you will have to contend with being boiled in black tar inside a massive cauldron. The worst sinners are supposed to drown inside this tar, while the ones who have committed at least a few good deeds in their life are supposed to rise to the surface of the tar and get a chance at redemption.


The ancient Aztecs believed that as soon as a person died, they had to undergo a massive four-year journey just to reach hell. This hell is ruled by a god named Mictlantecuhtli who is supposed to be a blood-splattered skeleton wearing a necklace made of human eyeballs. He is supposed to punish you for eternity based on your sin levels as a human.