10 Tragic Sport Disasters That Shocked The World

Heysel Stadium Disaster

The Heysel Stadium Disaster occurred in 1985 and is one of the worst tragedies that has ever happened in the world of football. Around an hour before the final of the UEFA European Cup Final was due to be played between Juventus and Liverpool at the Belgian stadium, a group of Liverpool fans broke into a neutral area. This caused the Juventus fans to attempt to escape to avoid any violence, however they ran towards a concrete wall where many people were already standing. Eventually the wall collapses and hundreds were injured while 39 people were crushed to death. The disaster led to a ban on English teams in UEFA competitions for 5 years.

Superga Air Disaster

Italian Airlines aircraft Fiat G.212 crashed into the back of the Basilica of Superga on May 4 1949, killing everyone on board including the entire Torino football team. An investigation into the accident reported that the pilot was probably unaware of his precise location when coming into land and so was not anticipating the Basilica being directly in front of him. By the time it emerged that he was off course, he would not have had any time to react and change direction.