10 Stupid Things People Have Been Arrested For


Some cops do take it seriously if you walk across the street without using a cross walk. Back in 2012, an Oregon man decided to run across a busy street and a police officer noticed he didn’t use a cross walk. So, the Oregon police officer ran after the man, confronted him, and decided to throw him on the ground and arrest him. The man spent 30 minutes in jail before he was given a ticket for jaywalking and was released. However, the man later filed a lawsuit because although he did jaywalk, it turns out, his civil rights were violated by the police officer.

Having Homemade Soap

A woman and a man were stopped during a routine traffic stop when police officers noticed two bars of what appeared to be cocaine. The woman told them they were homemade soap, however, field tests were done and the tests came back positive for cocaine.

The man and woman spent a month in jail because they were not able to post their bail. The charges were finally dropped after the lab test results came back showing there were no traces of any illegal substances on the bars — this is probably because they were actually soap.